Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Do Like Mondays

When I am lost in another city and looking for directions, I always endeavour to find interesting-looking, put together types. I just assume they will be more precise and cogent with their directions than those who are less well dressed. Vain? Yes. Effective? Who knows. Today, a lost tourist was doing exactly that with Zara and Maggie, giving me enough time to run over to the two and ask for some pictures. I was initially taken by Zara's super cute creepers and Hannah's rad Tom Ford sunglasses but as I got closer, I noticed additional flourishes such as Zara's adorable hair tie and styly bag and Maggie's nose ring. 


Michelle said...

both these girls look super cute.
love the cateye sunglasses on the right.


Sophiemei said...

thanks fur ur comment!! Wow~u have lots street shoot!! it's amazing take!

that girl lucy said...

wow i really love both these girls styles so much! killer outfits, and I love your photography :)

Anonymous said...
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