Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sound of Footsteps

Hunting for street style is a rather strange process. I rarely see other street style photographers in action so I am really just speaking for myself here. Basically, I lurk about cafes, shops and corners for several hours (without uni my schedule is a vacuum void of anything substantial) and then stop people who happen to have good style and ask for their photos. Usually, I casually walk over and tell them I would like to take their photo for a blog. Today, however, in order to catch a particularly brisk victim, I had to practically sprint over with my heels clacking against the pavement. It looked and sounded awfully stalkerish but Elyse handled it well and merely remarked, "Oh, I thought I heard someone running after me."

I adore how she has combined a heavy velvet with a semi-sheer and rather floaty dress. The socks with tights is also darling.

I also met Sarah who has absolutely divine hair and I am in love with both her scarf and her crisp white shirt.

Here is the rest of the flawlessness.


Quentin said...

So, where do you normally do most of your street style stuff? Sarah has nice hair. She looks like she should be in the Sartorialist.

frederic said...

Sarah has amazing facial structure. Not many people can pull off that kind of hair. Loving your blog btw.

Anonymous said...

You have taken some lovely photographs! I like the photo filter on some of them!

-I love those velvet shoes, they are delightful.

-Sarah looks amazing - she has a divine bone structure and you have really captured her look!

And thank you for the beautiful photographs on Saturday - I will treasure them ;)

Kelly Cambon said...

Oh I am glad you like the pics! You are super photogenic so it's not difficult getting nice photos of you!

Kelly Cambon said...

To Quentin: I normally hang around High St, Chancery, Vulcan Lane and that area in general. I also wander up to K Rd and occasionally to Ponsonby.

And thank you Frederic!

Luna Supernova said...

oh elyse is adorable! i love her sweater.

Kb said...

I want that velvet jumper!

Gary said...

I'm pretty sure I saw a guy at ANZFW wearing that velvet top lol. He was pretty fierce.