Sunday, December 13, 2009

Belle du jour

My friends and I spent a very dignified Saturday morning at La Cigale Market in Parnell, which always has an abundance of quality food and fabulous coffee. I noticed there seemed to be a rather ridiculous number of stripey shirted people but this young mademoiselle here stood out with her beautiful corsage and delicious brogues. Unfortunately, I scrawled her name on the back of a very scrappy scrap of paper and misplaced it! If this is you, please leave your name in the comments and I sincerely apologise!


Anonymous said...

I love her brogues;)

and thanks for removing the homless photos


Philippa said...

So beautiful. Me likey!

Anonymous said...

I like that her striped shirt is styled with an adorned corsage - loving those high waisted pants too!

btw I adore la cigale - those marshmallows they stock are divine.

Their honeysuckle soap along with lime blossom scented linen water are also beautiful!


Luna said...

That striped shirt/corsage combo is lovely. I love your blog. You get the best style and it's varied as wel which is nice.