Monday, December 7, 2009

The Auckland Meteorological Touch

If you're a Jafa, you know that Auckland weather goes through about as many mood swings as a hormonal pregnant woman. One minute you are lounging outside on a bench tanning your legs in the glorious sun and then before you know it you are a skank who decided hotpants were appropriate for rainy weather. 

Recently, we have had some crazy rain even by Auckland standards and today is only the second of two consecutive days of sunshine. I think people are always better dressed by the second day of consistent sunshine as they are more settled. I met up with my friend, Jonathan Sampson, for a catch-up coffee and, as always, he looked super fab. The look is summery but the dark cardigan adds a lovely and very Auckland apprehensive flair. 

Of course, I gots to have my shoe porn. The colour variations are to-die-for.

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Chris said...

You take lovely pictures and they're always very unique. Your pics make me want to move to Auckland :)