Friday, December 18, 2009

All I Want For Xmas...

It's no secret that I am supremely materialistic. I simply cannot live without ... stuff. And by stuff, I mean all manners of stuff extending beyond the holy realm of fashion and into home decor, tech gadgets, books and much much more. Subsequently, Xmas and the buildup towards xmas is incomparable to any other time of the year. It combines my three favourite things in the whole wide world - friends, family and consumerism. I must also add that it incorporates my fanatical and ardent love of lists. Here is my xmas ultimatum of sorts.

1) Thigh-high boots:
My mother wasn't too pleased about this particular item. "First you speak of moving to K Road (for non-Aucklanders, this is kinda the red light district) and now you want prostitute boots (my mother's endearing label). I should never have taken you out of catholic school!" But seriously, how friggin' hot are these boots?

2) Droog Milk Bottle Chandeliers:
Milk bottles are totally the must-have bottles of 2010. Not only can they store milk but they make for uber styley chandeliers. If Santa decides to be an arse and not donate these bargain priced USD1,400 chandeliers, I suppose I could make some DIY interpretation.

3)Brahmin Handbag:
I kinda have this thing for old lady handbags. I just adore them. Although I try to look for more age-appropriate styles, my distaste for hobo bags means I am limited to backpacks and weird tacky tassly sparkly creations. Any who, luuuurve this bag.  It's called Vittoria Rose. Mmmm, come to mama.

4)Ice Skates:
I'll be honest with you. I am kind of a nerd. I'm one of those people who waste like whole hours perusing through websites that sell skates. In fact, I'm pretty sure this activity is so niche that I can't really say "one of those people."Any who, I came across these customised skates and they are so frigging adorable. also featured these sassy red Tommy Hilfigers. And you can never go wrong with plain old classic white ones. Dear god, why does it have to be summer in xmas here? 

5)French picture book:
Oh, is the cover and premise soooooo darling? It roughly translates to "The Dogs Do Not Brush Their Teeth" but it sounds so much cooler in French. And the back of the book is possibly even more adorable. I don't know why I but I am super obsessed with French children's books. "Loulou" is one of my absolute faves and is about a wolf which meets a rabbit for the very first time and they decide to be friends but then complications ensue.

6)Herend anything:
But in particular, this owl which is from their Kingdom collection. But seriously, if someone got me something from Herend, I wouldn't play choosey.

7)Because I wanna be a douchebag:
What? You think my dog's going to settle for a stepless dwelling? Do you see how far that kennel is raised off the ground?!? My precious perfect might actually have to use her legs to step down that far. Sheesh, some people.

So, what are your xmas ultimatums?


Anonymous said...

handbag is lovely. where can i buy?

The Style Hive said...

Super cute puppy dwelling!

Auckland Street Style. said...

I hope you see at least some of this under the tree!
I just put your shot up today. I hope you like it! You look super lovely!

Anonymous said...

That owl is insane!!!!! I love it.

Anonymous said...

That book is awesome. Lovin your blog!

Aych said...

OHMYGOSH Kelly, you HAVE to come over sometime soon and check out our bathroom light shade - made out of a super large jar - you know the kind you preserve fruit in? delicious. x

Anonymous said...

I love ice skates too! Who does not love skating on ice!! I have only been ice skating in winter wonderland last year but it was brilliant!

I also think those milk bottle chandeliers are tres chic! When I finally move out of home, I am going to lavishly and stylishly decorate my house! I love modern twisted things.

Happy Holidays Kelly! :)

Kelly Cambon said...

haha, Hannah, I shall take you up on your offer! It sounds amazing!

OMG Victoria, we should totally go ice skating this summer :P

I am sure your house will look fabulous and I would imagine it would have superb decor! And happy holidays to you too:)

Anonymous said...

I need that orange kennel. My pooch is too bloody posh for these stepless abodes.

michelle_ said...

totally want those pink skates !

enjoy your last few days of 2009 !
hope you havent wasted this year for nothing ;)
visit my blog + comment + follow !

Ella said...

haha the prostitute boots are EPIC! lanvin has done it again:)

Anonymous said...

You sound like quite the spoilt fashion brat. I bet you don't even make your own money and just spend all your days shopping and blogging. How can USD1,400 be a bargain, anywhere?

Christopher said...

2 anonymous @ 11.39pm, wow, that is very judgmental of you and I'm pretty sure she is being sarcastic with the 1,400 being bargain. Anyway, love your blog! Post some more soon!